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This website was created to share the martial arts taught at Legacy Martial Arts London.

Inside this site you will find a range of online courses designed to improve your martial arts skills and abilities.

We specialise in classes from Bruce Lee’s JKD, Boxing, Dutch kickboxing, 4D combat, Filipino Stick fighting, fitness, mobility and stretch classes, all to benefit you on your Martial arts journey.

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Your Instructors

Chief Instructor

Steve Payne

Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt (under 3rd Degree De La Riva black belt David Onuma), Steve is a two time IBJJF European Champion, European Masters Champion, Silver medallist in World Masters Championships (and four time World medallist), as well as multiple gold medallist winner from British and London Championships.

With over 30 years teaching experience, he is also a black belt in JKD/ Kali under 4D's Guro Bob Breen as well as a 5th Dan black belt in Karate. Steve is a former Karate International Athlete and National Karate Champion.

Steve teaches Jiujitsu, 4D Combat and 4D Sticks classes at Legacy Martial Arts London.

Chief Instructor

Paul Clark

Paul has blackbelts in JKD and Karate, and a profound knowledge of various submission arts. He has been studying BJJ and No-Gi grappling all over London for over 20 years.

During his 20 years as a martial artist, Paul has fought in all types of competition from Karate, BJJ, Submission Wrestling and MMA. As the club's fight coach and under his leadership he brought our small team some fantastic wins.

"Paul is a fantastic coach and a true student of the martial arts, with a passion for all aspcts pof the game. He understands what to do, why to do it and what to expect in return. Most importantly he can teach you to do this as well. Along with the physical side he also understands the mental aspect too and always knows how to support each fighter in the way they need it. Come fight night, Paul's presence has always given me the confidence to step into the ring no matter the opponent; and throughout it all I know he has my wellbeing as his top priority."

William D

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